Let's make good things for everyone.

I am an industrial designer driven by sustainability and social justice. Scroll or download the PDF to see a selection of my work.



Aug 2018 - present

Developing manufacturing techniques, industry applications, and marketing content for the world’s most efficient solar windows.



Jan-Aug 2019

An exciting opportunity to work with a well established Santa Fe artist on a variety of psycho-therapudic devices.

Go Smelly Go

travel blog  |  Sep 2017-Sep 2018

With a bike and a camera, I headed across the Atlantic in search of adventure.

1 - Science and Climate-01-01.png


Apr 2019 - present

A series of graphic design work and content creation for an up & coming climate science-focused funding organization.


collab w/ Microsoft  |  Jan-Mar 2017

This enchanted object exists in both physical and augmented reality by facilitating a spatial interaction with the past, present, and future. 

Tea and Coffee

senior thesis  |  Sep 2016-Jun 2017

These twelve forms have been minimized to their most essential, while still communicating purpose and creating a sense of desire. 

Nova Solar Glazing

Extracurricular  |  Sep 2015-June 2017

My interdisciplinary team of nine undergrad and graduate students, through two years of research and product development, designed, refined a manufacturing process, and created a business plan for a practical and affordable solar window. 


food waste app  |  Jan-Mar 2016

Sitopia challenges social stigmas and reduces food waste by bringing people together. 



ID & UX internship  |  Jul-Sep 2017

It's true, robots can brew beer! I worked on a variety of future concepts. Please contact me for details about my experience.



ID internship  |  Jun-Sep 2016

I played a key role in developing a new functional trainer. For details about my experience, please contact me.



assorted pieces  |  2009-2017

Fine art has been a passion of mine since before I had ever heard of "industrial design." This is a sample of various works from the last several years.